John Dunn Developments

2 Bedroom Loft (4 Units) – 36sqm

The 2-bedroom Loft apartments come with 2 ensuite bedrooms, offering complete privacy for the occupants of each room. The unique difference between this and the other 2-bedroom apartment is the location of the 2 bedrooms on a separate floor, giving a house feel while in the apartment. Space has been maximised through thoughtful design.

The utilities have been selected for durability, great aesthetics and modern look and feel. Ideal for investors seeking property investment in a thriving area, young couples, or professionals seeking premium accommodation at a great price.

First Level

1. Main Lounge – 21sqm
2. Visitor’s Toilet – 2sqm
3. Kitchen – 9sqm
4. Stair Case

Second Level

1. Bedroom 01 – 13sqm
2. Bedroom 01 Toilet – 3sqm
3. Bedroom 02 – 11sqm
4. Bedroom 02 Toilet – 3sqm
5. Stair Case